Guntur Sannam Chilli

Guntur Sannam Chilli

Guntur Sannam chilli or Capsicum annuum var longhum is also known as S4 Sannam chilly & Its widely produced in the state of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana of India. S4 Type of chilli is mostly popular among International market and Its named for its High Quality,mainly used for Pungency, Extraction & derivation of capsaicin. It has a thick skin, Red, Hot & pungent.


Product Category :  Guntur red Chilli

Product :  Guntur S4 Sannam Dry red chilli

Process :  Sun Dried Chili

Origin of the product :  INDIA

Packing :  Jute Bag / PP Bag  (or) as per request

S4 Guntur Sannam Chilli Details

General Character  – Thick skin, Red & Hot
ASTA   color value – 32 – 34
Pungency – 35,000 – 40,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.226 %

Sannam s4 type Chilli with stem
Guntur Dry red sannam s4 Chilli Stemless
Crushed dry red chilli flakes
Dried red chilli pepper powder

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