Bullet Chili Cayenne

Bullet Chili Cayenne

H.S. CODE: 0904.2100.00

Taste: hot

Color: 60-120ASTA

Pungency : 20000-25000SHU


Hotness Scale: 7-9

Length & Size:3-6cm

Broken: Below 3%.

Loose Seeds: Below 2%

Type: Stem & Stem less

Shelf Life: 2 years at -18



  • 24kgs bag inner 3*8kgs vacuum bag.Maximum 25MT can be loaded in 1*40’FCL container.
  • 30lbs carton inner 6*5lbs vacuum bag.Maximum 23MT can be loaded in 1*40’FCL container.
  • 25kg woven bag non pressed package,12MT/40’FCL

25LBS/carton package, 15.672MT/40’FCL

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